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YPSA (Young Power in Social Action) is a registered non profit social development organization of Bangladesh started in 1985 (UN International Youth Year). It aims to promote sustainable development through a holistic approach. YPSA implementing various development programs as per the community needs , monitor and advocate the issues related to ship braking and it’s workers rights.

From 1997 the organization tries to obtain improved working conditions at ship breaking yards of Chittagong , Bangladesh. YPSA organized social campaign program to raise the voice of the mass people about ensuring of the workers’ rights and save the environment and ecology from the pollution that generated from the unsafe and uncontrolled ship breaking practices. YPSA also implementing regular policy advocacy to influence the policy makers for taking necessary measures and formulate policy and strategy to conduct ship breaking in a safe and environment friendly way.

Besides this, it also have researches and fact finding activities including exclusive publications to explore the real ground situation, condition and impacts of the ship breaking activities and for raising awareness among the people of all level. YPSA also provides instant support to injured ship breaking workers and families of the dead workers to be compensated along with different development programs for the yard surrounding villages.

YPSA is working for a long to influence the public policy makers for formulating a specific policy and binding framework, at national level, for the ship breaking industry in which basic needs and rights of yard-based workers are ensured. YPSA is also working together intend to assist the government of Bangladesh in implementing the Basel Convention on Trans-boundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes which is in force since 1993 and ensure an environmentally sound management of ship breaking practices and also working for the proper implementation of the existing national labour and environment related laws.

In this regard, we would like to mention that we need capacity building , technical and financial support from different like minded organizations , institutions and individual donors to continue our effort and initiate new need based projects or conduct research for ensuring the human and environmental justice in the ship breaking yards and surrounding coastal areas .

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