Legal compliance and international standard should be maintained in the Ship breaking yards

YPSA formed a human chain in front of the Chittagong Press Club on Sunday to protest unregulated and unsafe situation of the most deprived shipbreaking workers.

Environmental activists, members of professional bodies, leaders of trade unions and some yard workers joined the programme. The special guest of the event were Mr. Nazim Uddin, Join t Secretary, Ship breaking worker’s trade union forum (SWTUF), Mr, Rizwanur Rahman Khan, Trade Unionist, Mr. Pahari Vattachariya, Mr. Shohidul Islam, Shipbreaking Shilpo Protishtan Sromik Kormochari Union and Md. ALi Shahin, Program manager, Coordinator, NGO Shipbreaking Platform etc.

Speakers at the rally strongly criticized the owners of ship-breaking yards for their inhuman treatment of workers and for depriving the poor workers of overtime allowance, leave and public holidays.

“There are more than 70 workers died in last five years. Unlike workers of other factories and industries, thousands of workers of ship-breaking yards have long been deprived of their fundamental rights like security in the workplace, job contract, Occupational health and safety arrangement, democratic practices etc which are recognized by the government and the United Nations,” said Mohammad Ali Shahin, programme officer of YPSA, yesterday.
Speakers said the practice of shipbreaking should be upgraded in accordance with the international standard and legal instruments including the high court orders. There should be a common understanding between the workers and the owners which will lead to an advantage for both parties.