ToTs arranged by YPSA for the shipbreaking workers

Four ToTs were arranged in last six month (July’19-December’19) with the coordination of a government enlisted training centre to provide training jointly with YPSA-Safety First project and DIFE.

A number of 112 senior workers have participated in these trainings. All of the trainings were arranged inside the shipbreaking yards with the consent of the respective owners which is one of the most unique incidents in the history of ship recycling. An NGO never did a training inside the ship recycling yard with the permission of the owners. YPSA Safety First project took the challenge to arrange in that way to make it effective and counted by the government concerned bodies. Now all the relevant bodies are well informed that YPSA is doing ToTs in the ship recycling yards. The first training was arranged on 3rd October’19 in the yard of Mak Corporation with the presence of the yard owner Mr. Master Abul Kashem, Additional DIGs of DIFE MR. Al Amin and Mr. Palash, Safety Officer a Ship recycling yard Mr. Liton and Trainer Mr. Zamil Hossain.

The owner Mr. Kashem shared his experience with YPSA’s Program Coordinator Md. Ali Shahin and also shared that the coordination with NGO like YPSA should be enhanced. The DIGs of DIFE gave lecture on the labour law and its proper enforcement to ensure the safety and occupational health in the yards. They also wanted to know the causes of the accidents happened in the yards in 2019 and also shared their knowledge to prevent such accident to save lives in the yards. Md. Ali Shahin also thanked the owner and yard management to give the opportunity to arrange the training in the yard.

Finally the trainer Mr. Zamil and Mr. Liton have made his lecture about the risk inside the ship especially in engine rooms and tanks  with pictorial messages and several safety equipment like –gas mitre, personal protective equipment, oxygen mask, cover all, stretchers, ladder etc. They also informed the workers to the appropriate ways of using the equipment and safety kit. There were 27 workers have attended the first training who have taken an oath to work safe and help others to know about the information and knowledge they gathered from the training.

Another training held on 7th October in Premium Trade Corporation Shipbreaking yard with the permission of the yard owner. The owner Mr. Manik of the yard was present in the training session. YPSA mentioned that there were three workers died in the yard which is very much alarming and the yard has faced suspension by the ministry which is an open secret. So the yard management and the workers should be careful here while working in this yard and they must have to improve the safety condition of the yard. The trainer Mr. Zamil, Mr. Mowla has conducted the training in the yard with 28 senior workers on ground based officers of the yard. As earlier, the trainers have address all the safety issue of working safely in the ship and on the yard.

The 3rd one was arranged in Arefin Enterprise Shipbreaking yard where the owner, Mr. Kashem was also present and there were 30 workers of different yard was present in the training. The trainers have conducted the session with the facilitation of YPSA Safety First project. The YPSA-PC has shared that the accidents in the yard in 2018 was alarming. The yard should investigate properly about the reasons behind those accidents and deaths.