May Day 2024 celebrated by YPSA

Workers-owners will build the country, Bangladesh will be smart
Keeping this theme in mind today on 1st May organization for sustainable development organized a colorful rally from Phultala Bazar area of ​​Bar Aulia in Sitakunda and discussion meeting with the participation of workers of various industries and local people from all walks of life.

YPSA Coordinator Mohammad Ali Shahin was present as the chief guest in the meeting. He said, Bangladesh’s long-term action plans to ensure labor rights and safe working environment in the light of sustainable development goals give us hope. And on the other hand, it is often difficult to hear about the various problems of the workers, but it is not possible to survive in hopelessness or dreamlessness! Therefore, I dream that through the government’s grand plans, the aspirations of the working people will be fulfilled quickly and the unity of the workers and owners will be maintained in the country.

He also said, The merits of May Day will not be achieved until there is a comprehensive assessment of the great contribution of this working class to the development and progress of civilization!


Others said that due to rising commodity prices, workers are struggling to make ends meet, so the daily wages of workers should be increased and workers should be given fair rights at all levels.

300 people including labor representatives of various organizations, teachers, general public, youth representatives, NGO representatives were also present in the discussion meeting.