Safety First Boat Rally

Safety FIrst Boat Rally to Raise Safety Awareness in Ship Recycling industry.

Ship Recycling Industry is one of the most accident prone industries in Bangladesh. As most of the recyclers do not tend to maintain proper safety measures, the death toll in the industry counts 15 to 20 on average every year.

In a bid to raise safety awareness Sustainable development organisation YPSA organised a boat rally titled as Safety First on Sitakund Channel alongside the ship recycling yards on the coast of Sitakund upazila in Chattogram on Monday.

A total of 50 volunteers boarded on 10 boats patrolled from Kumira to Bhatiary area of the Channel.

Inaugurating the rally, program coordinator of YPSA Muhammad Ali Shahin said that Most of recyclers are reluctant to ensure safety measures while working and workers are also not much trained of safety measures. The death rate was less this year than other year but suddenly three workers died in December. We urge all stakeholders to take urgent action to stop accidents in the yards. To raise awareness on that we are organizing such events and this will continue in future.